WhatsApp modifier

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This app can:
- Launch WhatsApp
- Close WhatsApp (kills all processes and notifications , it's won't startup again by itself)
- Hide Homescreen popup (hides the popup on homescreen)
- Show Homescreen popup (reenables the popup)
- change the icon
- reboot your phone
- clear Symbian's Icon cache

last two options automaticlly close WhatsApp if it's open.

If you're intrested how this app works: http://forum.dailymobile.net/index.php?topic=97225.0
it's compiled with Anna SDK and should run on all Anna and Belle firmwares.
You need an hacked phone or Developer cert to install it.
This app is a mix of QtQuick (UI), Qt (backend), native C++ (for file manipulations and to close WhatsApp)

Version 1.7 Changelog:
Initial Version


  • huellif
  • 1.7
  • December 23, 2013
  • Unsigned
  • Symbian Anna, Symbian Belle, Symbian Belle Refresh, Symbian Belle Feature Pack 1, Symbian Belle Feature Pack 2
  • sis
  • 244 kB
  • 983

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