Terms & Conditions

These are the terms and conditions for Symbian Store. Please read through them and remember to follow them before using Symbian Store! Thank you.

For Developers

1. Pirated Content/Warez is strictly forbidden, you will be given one warning. If you attempt to post again, your account will be disabled and steps to prevent access taken, this includes linking to pirate websites anywhere in the content.

2. Only post your own content, if you attempt to post other developers content without their permission, it will not be published and your account may be disabled.

3. We reserve the right to remove/edit all content posted on Symbian Store at any time without notice .

4. Do not attempt to post inappropriate content, e.g Offensive, Pornographic content.

5. Use only English when writing descriptions and change logs.

6. We put all content through a Quality assurance process, this normally takes 1-3 days depending on availability of our assessor.

For General Users

1. Symbian Store and Symbian-Developers hold absolutely no responsibility for any damages caused to your device by content posted here.

2. By reviewing content you agree not to be offensive or spam the posts, your comment will be deleted and you may be blocked from commenting.

3. Symbian Store is a free service, if you have been sold an account and re-directed here please ask them for your money back.

4. The developer may have additional external links in the contents description, we hold no responsibility for the content that may be on those websites.

Symbian is a trademark of Symbian Software Ltd, Symbian Store and all Symbian Store additional content is owned by the non profit organisation Symbian-Developers, which is not associated with Nokia Corporation or Symbian Ltd in any way.

These Terms and Conditions can change without due notice.

Thank you for reading and understanding the terms and conditions. Enjoy Symbian Store!